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Student Testimonials

"Elio is a fantastic teacher and a genuine person. He is passionate about languages and cultures which comes across vividly in his teaching. He puts his clients first, easily accommodating his teaching to best fit the needs and desires of his students."

Marisol Deluna

“We used Elio originally with a group of 4 students meeting once a week. I recall how flexible and accommodating Elio was to work with; no topic was off the table for conversational discussion, even politics! He jumped in only with corrections to the grammar and pronunciation, and didn't interfere with the flow of discourse. I have continued using him privately to bring my Spanish up from those earlier days, and will continue to do so to maintain and advance. He has always been able to respond to EVERY question with an immediate answer usually using a small white board and providing a full understandable explanation of WHY it is so! He is also incredibly accommodating about setting and managing appointment locations and times."

Gordon Harding

“Elio is a great person and a great teacher with an understanding of how is the best way to learn and to teach. His knowledge is huge and his skills to transmit this knowledge are wonderful."

Matira Picardo

"Elio is an excellent Spanish Instructor and I would recommend his services to anyone interested in learning Spanish - beginners or advanced students. I first attended a few group classes to practice my oral skills, and I have been taking weekly individual classes for about two years now. Elio is passionate for the Spanish language and he knows all its regional nuances and grammatical subtleties. He also knows how to tailor the class to meet the student's needs. My recent trip to Spain confirmed the improvements I achieved thanks to my work with Elio, and I look forward to continuing working with him."

Alex Charpentier

Testimonials: Testimonials
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